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The Business Case for Mentoring

Many organisations and individuals today know that the business and economic benefits of a well-structured mentoring program can be significant. They understand that mentoring delivers way beyond a “feel good” factor. This article explores the sound economic reasons to embark on a mentoring program. Want to know what a well-structured mentoring program looks like? Click…


Choosing A Mentor

When looking for a mentor we tend to focus on finding someone who is in a high position and hope that their sponsorship will accelerate our career progress. Certainly finding someone with the relevant experience and influence can be important to a successful mentoring relationship. But not all experienced and influential people make good mentors,…

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Choosing A Supervisor

Practitioners in the helping professions use sessions with a supervisor to discuss their work, help them continue to develop and grow, and to explore issues and dilemmas. Supervisors provide both support for the practitioner and quality control for the benefit of the end client. The practice of supervision is mandatory for psychologists and psychotherapists. It…


Create a Coaching & Mentoring Culture

“When you create a culture of coaching, the result may not be directly measurable in dollars. But we have yet to find a company that can’t benefit from more candor, less denial, richer communication, conscious development of talent, and disciplined leaders, who show compassion for people” – Sherman and Freas (2004), “The Wild West of…


Distraction: the destroyer of discipline in team development

Here’s a scenario that is all too familiar in the life of a facilitator working with a team. So, you have been asked to facilitate a team program for a team that wants to become a high performing team, or, they just want to perform better. You can safely assume that there is something lacking…

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Diversity Mentoring

Today’s organisations must be able to capitalise on diversity – tapping into a multi-cultural workforce, managing the demands of an increasingly well-educated and experienced cadre of female managers and facilitating virtual teams and alliances in a global workplace. By facilitating cross-group understanding and supporting disadvantaged or minority groups within an organisation, mentoring is emerging as…


Ethical Mentoring

What is ethical mentoring? Mentoring programs have historically been established to foster career and skills development. Ethical mentoring takes a different approach in that is aimed squarely at fostering good ethical decision-making and an ethical culture. Ethical mentoring involves a confidential relationship, usually between peers, aimed at helping the mentee to resolve specific ethical dilemmas…


Is job sharing going backwards?

In 2009, we conducted research into the success secrets of 20 women who shared jobs. Five years later, we would have hoped that more people and organisations would be utilising job sharing as an effective flexible work strategy. Sadly, recent ABS figures reveal a declining trend in the number of businesses offering job sharing as…