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Mentoring Defined

mentor: (noun) an experienced and trusted adviser. mentoring: (verb) advise and train someone. Broadly speaking the Oxford Dictionary offers an adequate definition of mentoring. But in practice Australian organisations employ a broad spectrum of mentoring approaches. Developmental Mentoring, supported by consultancies such as Horizons Unlimited, tends toward the latter end of the spectrum. The focus…

mentoring and sponsorship

Mentoring and Sponsorship

There is growing impatience across Australia with the slow pace of change in the advancement of women in business. Recently we have seen a surge in female Board appointments in large Australian listed companies, but this is proving difficult to sustain and is not replicated in the pipeline of senior executive women from which Board…


Mentoring Troubleshooting Guide

Are you facing some issues with your mentoring program? Lacking rapport? Run out of things to speak about? Failing to gain a response? Missing meetings? Unrealistic goals? Tough conversations? A well supported mentoring program can help the final outcome. The mentoring troubleshooting guide is a tool to help support your mentees and mentors have a…

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Mentoring What’s In It For Me?

We are often asked about the advantages of mentoring to the various stakeholders involved. Whether you’re a mentee, mentor or a line manager, there’s something in it for you. Mentoring programs do not just benefit the mentees. Mentors find tremendous learning and development opportunities of their own. It is important that the mentee’s line manager is…


Retaining Staff Through Mentoring

We know that retaining good staff is critical to company success. Keeping good people saves us the time and money needed to train or retrain new people. It keeps productivity levels humming. Perhaps most important it retains the credibility of our organisations, keeping customers and other key stakeholders confident in our ability to deliver. We…

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Reverse Mentoring

Also known as “upward mentoring”, reverse mentoring turns the traditional hierarchical approach to mentoring on its head. Rather than having a senior player take a less experienced player “under their wing”, reverse mentoring relationships place the more senior person as the primary learner and emphasise the experience of the junior person. The objective of reverse…


Why leading change just keeps getting more complicated

There are thousands of studies and books on managing change or leading change. The former tend to focus on ways to work with and overcome people’s resistance; the latter on creating a vision that people can sign up to and engage with. Of course, both these perspectives are important and indeed implementing change usually requires…