Mentoring Programs

We offer full-service consultancy to organisations who wish to develop and implement a mentoring program. Clients can choose to:

1. Buy our Mentoring Program Manager’s Package which enables the organisation to design and run their own program/s, using our materials

2. Partly outsource the program to us. Many clients handle administration and liaise with participants themselves but get us to manage training and provide program participant materials.

3. Fully outsource program design and implementation to us. This includes all administration, mentee/or training and support, provision of all resource materials from application forms to training manuals or online modules, troubleshooting issues/ problems and client liaison.

Mentoring Training

Training mentors and mentees is known to significantly improve mentoring relationship effectiveness. We offer training face-to-face, by webinar and online. See Art of Mentoring. The Professional Mentor Certificate level training available in 2015.

Mentoring Supervision

Our certified coaching supervisor works with internal and external mentors, to help them develop their skills and practice

Online Mentoring Platform

Online platforms make the administrative function of mentoring program management much easier. Functions can include:

  • Upload applicant’s details (no need for spreadsheets for database)
  • First cut matching using a specified algorithm
  • Automate communications for the life of the program (set and forget emails to program participants)
  • Mentoring space – matched pairs can communicate through the platform