Experienced Consultants


Graham is passionate about the human element in business and is dedicated to helping top management realise their personal and corporate goals in making a difference for themselves and others. He has been working with top teams on their development as high performing units as well as coaching senior executives for more than fifteen years, across industries including financial services, telecommunications, aviation, building & construction, manufacturing, utilities, government, NGO and FMCG, etc.

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Melissa Richardson is one of Australia’s experts in coaching and mentoring, having worked in the field for over seventeen years. She has designed and implemented mentoring programs across public and private sector organisations, and is at the forefront of the use of technology to support mentoring programs that span geographies. She also has a busy executive coaching and coaching supervision practice, working with senior leaders and with coaches and mentors.

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We are consultants with a few decades of business experience who discovered a passion for the transformative power of conversation.

We are business savvy and pragmatic. Our clients want results and so do we. Yet we love the rigour of work that is evidence-based and grounded in theories of adult learning and human motivation & change.

We are small and local, yet can deliver global projects through our partners in Coaching and Mentoring International.

We are lifelong learners.

We love our work and the difference our conversations make. And we love to teach others how to have conversations that matter, and conversations that get people unstuck.

Part of Prof David Clutterbuck’s global network of coaching, mentoring and development specialists, we are experts in developmental dialogue.